Wednesday, 6 April 2011


During the process of making my short film, I gained a range of skills which provided me with a strong understanding of media related software, such as Final Cut Pro and LiveType. I learned how to manipulate shots and sounds by combining programs in the creation of my media product.

I explored a maze of technology, from JVC digital , high definition cameras to Youtube. Every aspect of making the film involved technology, which is why programs in the industry are vital.

Software's working together played a major role in finalizing my short film. For example, Final Cut Pro was used edit and adjust the overall project. However, programs such as, LiveType added the last touches, and developed the aspects of text and credits in my thriller. Logic Pro, was used to provide the soundtracks for my project, which is a key feature in any form of media.

Overall, the combination of programs (used on Mac) worked efficiently, in making my film look like an actual product, which could be viewed by thousands of people, rather than a piece of any old junk made on Windows Movie Maker! :)


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