Wednesday, 6 April 2011


The image above is a montage of words which summarize the overall aspects of my thriller. This task provided me with a better understanding of what my audience thought about my film, and also gave me a chance to explore what specific features and themes stood out in 'Jacked Daniel.'

Overall, the audience feedback was positive. They enjoyed how suspense was built through various shots and angles, which were effective in terms of understanding what was going on as well as creating a dark 'thriller like' atmosphere. 

'Jacked Daniel' was showcased at 'Screen on the Green' in Angel, along with numerous other work from students, most of a high standard. This opportunity helped me realize who my target audience of my thriller was, depending on their response. After the showing, I spoke to a few students and asked them what they thought about my thriller. 

'It was pretty interesting, I liked the range of shots and music used which built a sense of individuality for each scene' - Joseph John Baptiste

'I liked the overall storyline, it was easy to relate to' - Suleiman Mirza

'Could have been a bit longer, but the fact that this was done by one person is fully rated and something to be proud of' - Faysal Khan

'The only thriller, that was funny and scary!' - Maria

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