Friday, 1 April 2011


'Jacked Daniel' - My  media product is mainly targeted at an audience of both male and female teenagers, ranging from the ages of 15 - 21, as they can relate to the sequence of events which take place in my thriller. Furthermore, the overall lifestyle of the characters in my thriller appeals to my demographic as most young boys live the same way, eager to prove their status and masculinity.

Target Audience - Lifestyle

Adam Deacon, a young man born and raised in East London who has been through struggle in his community and family drama. He loves writing and listening to music, however is always brought down by teachers in college who show no motivation towards him. Adam doesn't work but makes money in the only way possible. 

People like Adam are one of many who can relate to my thriller, which is important since young people need to feel assured that others understand their situation. Therefore, films are a powerful method of influencing the youth of today.

Here are a few possessions of Adam Deacon:

These are all aspects of Adam Deacon's Youth.


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