Friday, 1 April 2011


The image above is a still from the opening sequence of my thriller. This shot has strong connotations of a menacing teenager, who is about to cause trouble. The reason I used a medium long shot here, was to portray a sense of danger as the character is standing from a distance.

Furthermore, this shot fits the typical stereotype of modern teenage social groups from various parts of London who are raised in a society of youth crime. I did this, so that my demographic could relate to aspects of my thriller.

This is a shot from the film 'Adulthood' which also revolves around the themes of teenage drama and youth crime, taking place in London on a regular basis. As you can see, this still has various similarities compared to the opening shot of my thriller above. For example, the overall vibe of a teenager going through struggle and tension is expressed through the dark lighting in both shots and props such as hoods and hats, which has connotations of an urban youth society. In addition, both shots have a background of brick walls. This provided the audience with a sense of location, that is clearly outside on the street.

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