Friday, 1 April 2011


In this task, I will be comparing 9 shots from a range of title sequences to 9 stills from my own title sequence, which shows how my opening uses, develops or challenges the forms and conventions of real media products.

The image above is a screen shot from the opening sequence of Elektra Luxx - As you can see, it is stylish with patterns and non naturalistic motions. The opening of this film revolves around a psychedelic melange of bullets, guns, and art deco ornaments materialized around the nude silhouette of the title character. As 'Elektra' teases the audience with her own bawdy burlesque, she reprises her various adult film roles wearing next to nothing.

On the other hand, Machete’s title sequence is a colorful parade of sneering villains, vixens, and an arsenal of menacing guns and knives. While the sequence sets the stage for a gory, over-the-top revenge romp, it also succeeds in grounding the entire film in another time and place. As the grainy titles scrape along at 1½ feet per second, the audience is transported back from their reclined seats at present day cineplexes to the nostalgic era of drive-ins and draft houses.

The image above is a screen grab of ten shots from my opening thriller. As you can see, there are various angles and shot types which clearly represent the themes of a thriller. For example, danger is portrayed through the use of dark lighting. This meets the conventions of a thriller product since it has connotations of typical thriller scenarios. Compared to the screen shots above from other films such as 'Machete' - My opening thriller looks far more basic but realistic. This works well since it gives the audience a better sense/visualization of the actions taking place.

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