Friday, 8 April 2011


During our media lessons, we were given the task of taking pictures of jelly babies, in a particular scenario so that we can edit them together, and make them look like an actual film. This is similar to stop motion, which worked well since we gained a strong understanding of how to form images and shots in a sequence of an actual story. The journey from my preliminary task, to the final film has been a long process, where I have learnt and improved on a number of skills, when filming and editing 'Jacked Daniel.'

When filming my preliminary task, I created a jelly baby animation. This was done by taking a range of shots and angles of Jelly Babies to form a sequence, which actually tells a small story.  I found the animation hard to work with, since my editing skills were not as of high standard as they are now.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011


During the process of making my short film, I gained a range of skills which provided me with a strong understanding of media related software, such as Final Cut Pro and LiveType. I learned how to manipulate shots and sounds by combining programs in the creation of my media product.

I explored a maze of technology, from JVC digital , high definition cameras to Youtube. Every aspect of making the film involved technology, which is why programs in the industry are vital.

Software's working together played a major role in finalizing my short film. For example, Final Cut Pro was used edit and adjust the overall project. However, programs such as, LiveType added the last touches, and developed the aspects of text and credits in my thriller. Logic Pro, was used to provide the soundtracks for my project, which is a key feature in any form of media.

Overall, the combination of programs (used on Mac) worked efficiently, in making my film look like an actual product, which could be viewed by thousands of people, rather than a piece of any old junk made on Windows Movie Maker! :)



The image above is a montage of words which summarize the overall aspects of my thriller. This task provided me with a better understanding of what my audience thought about my film, and also gave me a chance to explore what specific features and themes stood out in 'Jacked Daniel.'

Overall, the audience feedback was positive. They enjoyed how suspense was built through various shots and angles, which were effective in terms of understanding what was going on as well as creating a dark 'thriller like' atmosphere. 

'Jacked Daniel' was showcased at 'Screen on the Green' in Angel, along with numerous other work from students, most of a high standard. This opportunity helped me realize who my target audience of my thriller was, depending on their response. After the showing, I spoke to a few students and asked them what they thought about my thriller. 

'It was pretty interesting, I liked the range of shots and music used which built a sense of individuality for each scene' - Joseph John Baptiste

'I liked the overall storyline, it was easy to relate to' - Suleiman Mirza

'Could have been a bit longer, but the fact that this was done by one person is fully rated and something to be proud of' - Faysal Khan

'The only thriller, that was funny and scary!' - Maria

Friday, 1 April 2011


The video above is an example of  a grade 'A' opening thriller, which has been a huge success on Youtube, by influencing numerous media students, setting a high standard.

How has the internet been used to launch this movie, to a wider audience?

First of all, the video has been uploaded onto Youtube, which is a worldwide video engine. Youtube has the largest audience in terms of online videos. Therefore, this video would easily be found through the search tool, if someone was looking to watch a thriller film - opening.   

In addition, Youtube allows these videos to feature embedded codes, which can be proccessed onto social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace or blogs. This makes it simple for the video to be shared amongst a wider demographic. 


    'Jacked Daniel' - My  media product is mainly targeted at an audience of both male and female teenagers, ranging from the ages of 15 - 21, as they can relate to the sequence of events which take place in my thriller. Furthermore, the overall lifestyle of the characters in my thriller appeals to my demographic as most young boys live the same way, eager to prove their status and masculinity.

    Target Audience - Lifestyle

    Adam Deacon, a young man born and raised in East London who has been through struggle in his community and family drama. He loves writing and listening to music, however is always brought down by teachers in college who show no motivation towards him. Adam doesn't work but makes money in the only way possible. 

    People like Adam are one of many who can relate to my thriller, which is important since young people need to feel assured that others understand their situation. Therefore, films are a powerful method of influencing the youth of today.

    Here are a few possessions of Adam Deacon:

    These are all aspects of Adam Deacon's Youth.



    The image above is a still from the opening sequence of my thriller. This shot has strong connotations of a menacing teenager, who is about to cause trouble. The reason I used a medium long shot here, was to portray a sense of danger as the character is standing from a distance.

    Furthermore, this shot fits the typical stereotype of modern teenage social groups from various parts of London who are raised in a society of youth crime. I did this, so that my demographic could relate to aspects of my thriller.

    This is a shot from the film 'Adulthood' which also revolves around the themes of teenage drama and youth crime, taking place in London on a regular basis. As you can see, this still has various similarities compared to the opening shot of my thriller above. For example, the overall vibe of a teenager going through struggle and tension is expressed through the dark lighting in both shots and props such as hoods and hats, which has connotations of an urban youth society. In addition, both shots have a background of brick walls. This provided the audience with a sense of location, that is clearly outside on the street.


    In this task, I will be comparing 9 shots from a range of title sequences to 9 stills from my own title sequence, which shows how my opening uses, develops or challenges the forms and conventions of real media products.

    The image above is a screen shot from the opening sequence of Elektra Luxx - As you can see, it is stylish with patterns and non naturalistic motions. The opening of this film revolves around a psychedelic melange of bullets, guns, and art deco ornaments materialized around the nude silhouette of the title character. As 'Elektra' teases the audience with her own bawdy burlesque, she reprises her various adult film roles wearing next to nothing.

    On the other hand, Machete’s title sequence is a colorful parade of sneering villains, vixens, and an arsenal of menacing guns and knives. While the sequence sets the stage for a gory, over-the-top revenge romp, it also succeeds in grounding the entire film in another time and place. As the grainy titles scrape along at 1½ feet per second, the audience is transported back from their reclined seats at present day cineplexes to the nostalgic era of drive-ins and draft houses.

    The image above is a screen grab of ten shots from my opening thriller. As you can see, there are various angles and shot types which clearly represent the themes of a thriller. For example, danger is portrayed through the use of dark lighting. This meets the conventions of a thriller product since it has connotations of typical thriller scenarios. Compared to the screen shots above from other films such as 'Machete' - My opening thriller looks far more basic but realistic. This works well since it gives the audience a better sense/visualization of the actions taking place.