Friday, 25 March 2011


The audience of a film are vital, since they are the people who decide whether my thriller is a success or not. Therefore, I have done some research on who my thriller should be targeted at.

Based on information observed from 2009's Cinema, out of the 503 films released,  only a total of 31 were Thrillers. Thrillers can be stereotypically seen as an males genre of film, this is down to the inclusion of action and crime. Although, Thrillers do also consist of other ingredients such as Suspense, which is as proved from the 2009 report seen as a females favorite aspect of a film to go and watch, compared to males.

Thriller audiences vary from early teenage years (15) to a  slightly maturer demographic (18), which is obviously down to the content of its inclusion. This may consist of the level of violence, sexual nature and strong language.

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