Friday, 21 January 2011

Title sequence Which Inspires

A title sequence that inspires me is from the film 'Salt' (2010)

This inspires me a lot because the director goes for the straight into action method, Salt which is the main character is getting held and tortured this makes the audience automatically think what has happened, grabbing the audience in very quickly.

Also What inspires me:

The Sub-genre which inspires at the moment are the psychological thrillers, films that are made under this sub-genre usually leave the audience wanting more by having hundreds of questions to ask the director by the end of the film, for example, Inception leaves the audience wanting to know what actually happens in the end, is it reality? Or was it all a dream? Psychological thrillers are produced to implant an idea into the audiences mind. For this to happen, events and characters are to be memorable as well as the way the suspense is created, unlike horror films where a single jump at the audience scene lasts for a second, psychological thrillers can plant the idea of fear into a viewers mind throughout the entire film.

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