Friday, 21 January 2011

Title Sequence Analysis

We we're given a task to watch the beginning of Thriller title sequences relating on how it builds tension, sounds, camera effects etc. We firstly began by watching 'The Shining' (1980) A Thriller Film

The music is rather creepy because it gives the viewer an idea of something about happen, this then brings in the idea the one car that's driving and the helicopter thats filming gives us over - head shot's and long shots, the helicopter gives a sense of someone following them. The person who ends up driving to a hotel high up in the mountains and you see a car driving back down could mean that something may not be right up there. The massive, deserted landscape swallows up that little vehicle to give a sense of powerlessness. although it took 2 minutes and 31 seconds for the hotel to actually appear to signify he reached his destination it felt shorter and this again was mainly due to the music, making it feel as if something was going to happen when nothing really did. The Font looks simple and I personally think it could of been much better, but in the films perspective it show's through so the viewer can read it while not being distracted.

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