Friday, 21 January 2011

Font Analysis

In some ways the font of a film poster when advertising can reveal a bit on what the film will contain not just only by the title. Neville Broady, known as the best graphic designer of his generation commented on what makes a good film font: "Fonts convey an emotion without actually having to say the words" that to me could not have been said any better personally, for example the film poster for 'Public Enemies' (2009) which is about notorious american gangsters showed a simple method but is unique at the same time.

In our lesson, one thing that was pointed out was the letter 'B' on how the wholes were a bit too small, they look like bullet holes and it is ironic how these bullet wholes relate to the film due to it being Crime based film Guns are represented throughout the whole film. So this goes back to Broady's saying, another example is the film 'Pearl Harbour' (2001).

The Font that was used is called 'PALATINO'
This font looks like historic writing like to say it was carved in and the event that happened in 'Pearl Harbour' was very historic.

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